Standard reunion photo-button with pin-back. After scanning we crop, size and label each photo, typesetting each name fitting it within the defined area.
Email your photo & desired text to create an imaginative button for you
Be creative...let us create a unique button for your event.
Wedding, anniversaries, special holidays, team spirit, product promotion and more...
Since 1999 TheButtonFactory has provided qualty pin-back buttons for reunions of all types. Reunions
are a speciality but we love birthday and customer designed buttons suited to our 2.25" round format
Peel n' Stick magnet:  CONVERTs the standard buttons pin-back to a fridge magnet. ($0.35)
Button magnet: Place button behind blouse or shirt to hold button in place.  Eliminate any possibility of a pin-hole in a garment ($0.75)
Bulldog clip-back:  A great alternative to the Button Magnet. May be placed on a shirt pocket or hung from a collar. ($0.55)
PRICING:  1-10 pin-back buttons are $2.00 each using the same photo and text (3 button minimum).  With quantity pricing the price is as low as $1.45 per button (75+).
REUNION BUTTON PRICING:  Using the alumni student photo scanned from the yearbook (customer provides page scans or yearbook) we create a custom button using your school colors etc.  See samples. These are $2.65 per button. Options available.  Ask Dan at for details.

Your design is created and posted for your review with no obligation.
Email with your photo or reunion details

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