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Simply 'attach' the .jpg file to your email.  A .jpg file is best but we can work with the .gif format.  Email Dan at

If you have an existing paper photo we will be happy to scan and convert it for use on your button.  Contact us for the mailing address.  Alternately most Kinko's (or similar) can scan and convert your photo to a .jpg format.

Free Graphic Composition! There is no charge to create a button graphic draft from your .jpg file.  We will do up to 1 hour of setup and composition for free.  Then, a draft of your composed button will be posted on a non-public page at for your review.

free scanning included

We are happy to scan and convert your photograph for use on your button.  Your photo will be returned with your order.  There is no charge for this service.

gift, picture button, digital photo, scan free
3rd b'day

From a set of pictures processed by a local developer and placed on a CD in hi-resolution j-peg (.jpg) format. The .jpg file was 'attached' to an email to

TheButtonFactory cropped the pictured to fit and added the text.  Grandma wanted a mirror backed button; Papa a key chain.

digital photo, free scan, crop, quality adjustment
5th b'day

This picture was from Papa's digital camera on my grandson's 5th birthday. When you transfer your picture to your computer it will be in the proper format (.jpg or .tif).  Simply email the photo to Dan at 
.jpg image, digital cameraPapa's granddaughter- taken with a digital camera

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