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1.5" round sticky labels

thank you sticker



Party Ideas

<-- put two stickers back to back on a toothpick to make a cupcake topper

1.5" Labels are $3.50/sheet

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of sticky labels

 save the date, calendar sticker


Stickers are great for group events.  Use them to identify members of your group; color code to id pre-registrants vs. at the door sign-up etc.  Teachers use them to keep class room groups together.  Create a Mark-The-Date sticker for an upcoming Wedding, Birthday Party, etc.  The same picture or clip art can be used on buttons and stickers.

wedding sticker

 Mark-The-Date stickers are a great way to alert family and friends to an important date.  Our most popular sticker is 1.5" round and there are 20 stickers per page. 

wedding sticker

mint patty sticker
mint pattie sticker

Table Favors another very popular use for our 1.5" round sticker is to decorate a peppermint pattie with your custom designed sticker.

party favor mint pattie sticker
mint pattie sticker

Earth Day, environment

bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, table favor, mint pattie

Save The Date---->

custom photo sticker

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