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Will your treasured memories be lost to the ages?  Reclaim and share the story behind each memento and photograph in your treasure chest.

Create a slideshow in your own voice narrating each photo.  Bring your family's history alive while preserving it for future generations!

Working with you we will create a DVD slideshow with voiceover narration that can be played on your DVD/Television set. Hundreds of pictures (and voice) can be captured on a singe DVD.

Preserve those precious family photos for the ages.  When we scan your photos for the slideshow we will also create a high resolution .jpg file which you may retrieve for printing on your photo printer.

Multiple copies are easily made and shared with family.

To our TheButtonFactory.com customers.  If you have worked with us in the past you know the quality or our work.  We invite you to help us inaugurate our new venture and will offer you a substantial discount.


Sound complicated ?  Not at all.  Here are the steps:

  1. Send us the photographs that you want in your slide show.

  2. We scan and convert each photo to create a picture gallery that you review from your web page at www.TheMediaFactory.com/YourNameHere.  (click to see sample gallery).

  3. Next, you will print the gallery and use it as a guide to tell the story behind each picture.

  4. Telling The Story

    • Simple and quick- no audio  Create a caption for each picture.  Need more text...  we can create a text-only slide to precede the picture.  Email us the text.

    • Use the MS Windows Recorder  that comes with your system to record your voice to a sound (.wav) file which you may email to us.  See details below.

    • Use a voice recorder  to record a voiceover for each picture.  Start each recording session with the picture id.  We will edit the file and delete the reference. We will make a recorder available.  Details are TBD

  5. Creating the slideshow We will arrange the pictures in the order you define and add the voiceover for each to create a draft of your slideshow.

  6. Reviewing your work  We will post the draft on your web page.  Tell us what changes you want and we revise and repost the slideshow.

  7. Completing the job  The final version will be created in high resolution DVD quality and written to a DVD and mailed to you via Priority Mail within three days.


  1. Uneasy about sending your precious photos.  Send them via Priority or Express mail with delivery confirmation.  Then we will both know that they arrived AOK.

    Want to start small- no problem!  Start with a few photos perhaps several that share a theme, i.e. 'All About Great Grandfather Jones', 'My Brothers and Sisters'  Try us out before you commit to a larger project.

  2. When scanning a photo we scan at the highest resolution storing a copy which you may later retrieve for printing on your digital photo printer.  This preservation aspect is a bonus feature offered at no additional charge from TheMediaFactory.  A $3.00/picture value.

  3. If you have MS Windows and a sound card (almost certain if your PC is relatively new) plug a PC microphone ($3.00 ~ $10.00) into its plug and record a voice file for each photo.

  4. The Sound Recorder can be found at:
    Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder    

  5. Use your mouse to control the recorder.  When you have completed the narration save it with the file name of the picture ID from the picture gallery.

  6. Email the audio files to us.  Using our slideshow creation software we will add your voice as a voiceover to the proper photo. 

  7. You may preview the draft version from you web page.  Click on the film strip for a sample slideshow (TBD). 

  8. Playing your DVD.  Load the  DVD in your player and start it as you would a movie.  The slide show will begin.  Each photo will stay on the screen for as long as your narration lasts.







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