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Each reunion photo button name tag project is unique.  We have listed a few of the issues that occurred in past projects and how TheButtonFactory (TBF) worked with the customer to resolve.

The class wishes to include maiden names on the button*, i.e.  Mary Ray as Mary (Ray) Baker
There is no charge for this customization.  Be aware however that more letters mean a smaller font.

Optional but helpful.  If you are requesting that we use the alumni current married name then a list, sort'able by last name, is very helpful.  Use Microsoft Word or Excel to create a format similar to the table below. 

class book

to appear on buttonpage no.*
JohnsonWilliamBill Johnson23

* Page No. is optional but helpful.

Pictures are missing from the yearbook.
We can use a 'junior year' picture if the yearbook has been provided. Alternately, we can work with a picture supplied by the alumni.  Please supply the picture in .jpg format.  When a picture is not available TBF creates a custom button using a graphic of the school mascot where the photo would be.  The button text reads 'ALUMNI' on the bottom with space above it to affix a paper label where the alumni may write their name. 

A photo had a congratulatory message written across a portion of the picture.
The message was mostly across a dark shirt and was relatively easy to correct.  There is no charge for simple corrections. Marks across a face area (many shadows) cannot be corrected.  If provided we will scan from a second yearbook.

A person uses their middle name or prefers a derivative (James vs. Jim) or, the students name was misspelled in the yearbook (Terri vs. Teri, Muray vs. Murray, Ann-Marie vs. Ann Marie).  The yearbook photo / name is mismatched.
Just let us know in advance of the button assembly and we will make the change.

TBF will not charge for a button until it has actually been assembled. 

Can I track changes/updates as they are made?
Yes, a non-public page is created for your class.  After we scan a picture for the button we post that picture to your page.  Click here to see a sample page.  Please note that the pictures were scanned by the customer at 600x600.  When you provide us your yearbook we scan the pages at 800x800 dpi.  This yields a bit better quality and gives us greater flexibility in adjusting how the page is scanned. etc. 

What is the cutoff for adding names to the attendee list?
We would like to ship your order on Friday- a week before your reunion weekend.  We are very flexible and can add a name oo two up until noon of that Friday.  (That's Pacific Coast Time)

Customer Feedback (see more at Customer Feedback)

Hey Dan,
Well I survived the the reunion with no major injuries.  Captain Morgan and I became re-acquainted, even if only in small doses.  We had a great three day event.
The buttons were a hit with all.  Everyone was impressed with the quality of the badges and the pictures copied from the 50 year old yearbook.
I think this was the best favor of any we have done in all the years of our reunions. I don't think anyone forgot to wear their badge for any event.  The late comers (yes we had several) were disappointed that they did not have a  personalized button. We ran out of blank guest badges and had several folks have to use the old fashioned "peel and press" paper labels. We had just short of 190 folks for the Saturday night dinner.
The Friday evening picnic (170 guests) was held outdoors and it was quite warm, 93 in the shade with high humidity. Perspiration was the order of the day.  A few of the guests noticed, upon returning home, that the ink from the label on the back of the button bled onto their garment.  You may want to consider how to warn about this possibility to others that may party in the outdoors on hot and humid days. 
The magnets were very well received, especially by the ladies. To my surprise, there were only three of us with pacemakers / defibrillators.
I think you will be hearing from from some of the spouses and guests of classmates who will planning reunions in the future. I plan to send a link to your web site to all my classmates so that they can share with others who may contact you for their events.
I have really enjoyed working with you on this and wish you the best. 
Stay safe and warm,

Morgantown HS
50th Year Reunion

Everybody loved the buttons! The MOST IMPORTANT reason for this email is to say that even though I'm totally bushed, I wanted to make sure that I got a quick email off to you to thank you for the easy and efficient process that provided us with lovely ID buttons. I am very pleased that we were able to do this across the country, and I am confident that your product is much better than the ones that we would have gotten locally. I have already recommended your company to a few folks at the gym. It's been a real pleasure working with you...and I just hope that your business prospers and grows, so we will do this again in 5 years....

                                                                                                                  John Bartram HS
                                                                                                                  Class of '61

I loved the Buttons. They went over great. It was a wonderful souvenir for everyone. The plain guest buttons and sticky tabs were great as several people showed that did not RSVP etc.
                                                                                                                Marsha M.
                                                                                                                Muleshoe HS

Everyone LOVED the badges! You do a GREAT job with great efficiency and great pricing!!!
                                                                                                                Sandra W
                                                                                                                Orleans High School
                                                                                                                Reunion Class of '56
                                                                                                                (see group photo)

Hi Dan,  Just wanted to let you know the buttons were a HUGE success!! Everyone loved seeing their high school photo on a button. We had a great time and your work was a big part of that! You made my job of organizing much easier.
                                                                                                               Camden-Rockport HS
                                                                                                               Class of 1975

Dan, I just wanted to thank you for the great job on the buttons. Our 30-year reunion was a huge success and I received so many positive comments on the buttons. It is such a fun memento to give to all our classmates. It is something they can keep and look at with fond memories for years to come.  With it being a rush job, and the last minute additions, you handled it with professionalism and patience. You were a delight to work with. Many Thanks,
                                                                                                                Lori Monson
                                                                                                                Brighton High School
                                                                                                                Class of 1975
                                                                                                                Reunion Committee

Hi Dan, Well, we had our reunion Sunday night and the buttons were the talk of the night, everyone was very impressed with them. I'm sure as they are shown to other classes you will be hearing from them also to have buttons made. Thanks again for helping make our 40 year reunion a great success.  Lenny- Mt Morris High School

Dan, Our 40th reunion celebration has come and gone and was a big success. The reunion buttons were a big hit. Everyone loved them.  Working with you on designing the buttons was so easy and a lot of fun. Thank you so much. 
Brenda Holden Temple- Reunion Committee  /  Aransas Pass High School

Hi Dan, I wanted to mention how pleased we are with the whole process of ordering the buttons. We really appreciate how quickly everything got done, and how easy you made doing this long distance. It has been amazing to me that we've done the whole order via the web and email. Forty years ago, we didn't even have computers! Again, thanks for everything. I can't wait to see the buttons.  Judy G.-Philadelphia High School For Girls

Received the beautiful pins today.  I am sure they will love them.  As far as your request...I will be glad to get some pictures for the magazine* for you.  It was such a pleasure doing business with you.  Everything was so easy.  Thanks again, Mary S.- Orleans HS 50th Reunion Committee

"The reunion was wonderful and believe me, after 40 years, the buttons were a wonderful way to recall the faces, as that were, so you could bring them together with the face you were looking at."          Penny A.-  Montebello High 40th Reunion Committee

... "It went like clockwork, and was totally fabulous.  We have a "classy" class.  The buttons were an instant hit that everyone appreciated.  Names were so clear.  I have more orders for the CD but don't know how many yet." 
Cynthia G. - Keene HS 50th Reunion Committee

"I want to thank you for the work that you are doing and have done on the York High School buttons.  Everyone on this end are very pleased.  You are a pleasure to work with.

You really out did yourself with Muff, Betty Ann, and Jackie. They have never looked so good. .  Thanks Dan for an outstanding job and I will be happy to do anything I can for you to close an order.

I received my order this morning at 11:30 AM.  They are outstanding and thank you for a great job.  Everyone will surely enjoy them and I will send you any comments that I hear."
Thanks Again,
J. David Thomas - York HS (SC) Reunion Committee

*Reunions Magazine, a quarterly, is the premier source for reunion resources.  They are always looking for interesting stories for publication.  If you submit a picture of your reunion group 'having fun' while wearing their photo button I will submit it to the magazine for publication.  Thanks, Dan